HA Pair failover

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I am looking for documentation on HA pair failover times..I think the failover for an HA pair is 5 seconds plus...


I have a customer with a <1 second DNS failover requirement. How do i get to this number for failover? 

Re: HA Pair failover

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The active and passive node of an Infoblox HA pair grid member send VRRP hello packets every second. When the passive node does not receive 3 consecutive VRRP packets it will think that there is a problem with it active node and it will try to become active , so if there is an issue with the active the passive node will take over in a 3-4 second timeframe.


An Infoblox HA pair is used for hardware redundancy and not for service redundancy.


If you have a best practises Grid infrastructure with primary and secondary DNS grid members and you configure/provide you DNS clients with multiple DNS servers then the DNS clients will not encounter a DNS failure if one or even mutiple DNS grid members would have an outage.

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