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Host vs network

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I recently had a eureka! moment when I realized while talking to a colleague that everything that is a single address is a host record, not a /32 'network'.  I realize that seems obvious, but I've never been able to add a host because of this error:


At least one host address must belong to an existing network if DNS is not configured for this host.


We're only using IPAM, not DNS or DHCP, so of course I unchecked 'Enable in DNS'.  So I've got the Add Host Wizard with:

Name (my hostname)

IPv4 address

Type = Private (which I don't think matters, but it's not inheriting the value and it should)


Anyway, with all that entered, I get the 'At least one host...' error above.  If I enable DNS (which I don't want or need to do), it requires me to select a zone, but no zone exists  because we're not using DNS.


I get the same error if I try a CSV import.


What am I missing to be able to get this (and many other) hosts imported?




Re: Host vs network

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Oh, and I should say... is the host I'm trying to add. exists as a Network Container.

Re: Host vs network

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I think I figured it out. was a container, and it should have been just a network.  Now to figure out how to convert all these /32s to hosts... Smiley Sad

Re: Host vs network

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Sounds like you're on a roll!  Did it work for you?  If not, let us know and we'll take a look into it for you!



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