How to find nested containers?

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I need to search on two EAs to find a container, and it seems I can't do that. 


I can find a container based on an EA called Type that will be Public, Private or Multicast in the future, but for testing it's my name and fake IPs. 


This gives me the 'top-level' container of



However, when I add another EA to the search which is on a container within that /16, it doesn't find anything even though it exists as



But if I do the other half of the query, I get all of the results, including, plus others that aren't a type 'Blair', which includes a bunch of stuff I don't want:


The end goal is to add /24s (or any other size) to that with next_available_network as they are needed, but it's nested in another container and apparently isn't 'findable'.




Re: How to find nested containers?

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Your query is incorrect.  You have two question marks and no ampersand.



Try that and you should fine that it works. 

Re: How to find nested containers?

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I think I had the ampersand in there at some point, but it got lost in many attempts!


I'm set now.  Thanks!

Re: How to find nested containers?

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Could you please let me know the procedure for creating nested container templates ?


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