IPAM hostname discovery?

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I am trying to setup a basic IPAM discovery but am not using the infoblox for internal DNS or DHCP.  The problem I am running into is that I have not been able to get hostnames to show up in the IPAM discovery. I have tried all the discovery methonds (ICMP, NETBIOS, TCP, Full).  How can I get this box to giv eme the host names in IPAM?

Re: IPAM hostname discovery?

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Can you provide more detail on how you set up the IPAM networks, the discovery process, and what members were doing the discovery ?


Re: IPAM hostname discovery?

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Hi, scubaguy3



Hostnames are not returned by any kind of discovery method. 


The information supported by method is displayed below:


ICMP method returns IP and MAC address

NetBIOS returns IP, MAC address, OS Type and NetBIOS name

TCP: IP, MAC address and OS Type

Full: a combination of the three methods below, returning IP, MAC address, OS Type and NetBIOS name.



Paulo Costa


Re: IPAM hostname discovery?

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I think you can do what you want with Network Insight.




Re: IPAM hostname discovery?

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may be a stupid question, but do you have a DNS resolver configured?

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