Is hostname always lower case?

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I have a client who uses uppercase to name their servers (I.e. USEOMKAP10001).  My adapter for Infoblox uses the REST API (WAPI v1.2.1) to POST this data into record:host.  Later on, in a validation routine, it does a GET to verify that the data is in place, with the parameter name=USEOMKAP10001.  This returns an empty set.  Experimentation shows that if we try the parameter name=useomkap10001 (in lower case), the GET succeeds.

Does Infoblox store and/or retrieve all records:host hostname data in lower case?  If so, is this true for all cases?

Re: Is hostname always lower case?

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From my experiences, yes it is true for almost all the cases.


Host record data entered into the gris using WAPI, CSV import of the GUI is converted to lower case. DDNS records on the opposite are not and left the way they were sent. You could send nsupdate message but that might not be practical for servers records.


As a side note, that should not be an issue since DNS is case insensitive. The client still can query the servers using full upercase naming and still get her answsers.



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