Multiple Action CSV file - strange error message when importing "hostrecord" with mac_address

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I've been beating my head against the wall trying to solve a problem and thought I would share my solution in case anyone else has this experience.  Based upon the strange error message I'm getting, I guessing that this is a bug in Infoblox.


I'm attempting to create a "Multiple Action CSV file", as defined on page 130 of NIOS_CSV_Ref_7.3.pdf, which I am importing by selecting the "Custom" mode under "Type of Import". I have found that if I try to import a 'hostrecord' that contains a mac_address, so the address would be added to DHCP, then I receive the following error:


"""Line 2: action column/opcode is required for CUSTOM operation""",hostrecord,I,my-test-name.mydomain,,00:22:19:b7:ea:49




My file contains:




I have found two solutions:


1) Remove the "import-action" column and import the file using the Import CSV and "Add records" choice.   (This was the approach I was using at first, but I liked the flexibility of having multiple actions in an import file, so that's why I started looking into that approach).  


2) Split the mac_address into a separate [hostaddress] record:







Re: Multiple Action CSV file - strange error message when importing "hostrecord" with mac_

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Hi - thank you very much for sharing.


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