Need to remove multiple reverse records mapping

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Recently we migrated our BIND (Linux) to Infoblox while importing the zone database it has created PTR records for all A record which we really don't need of it.


For example we have done forward and reverse mapping for a webserver and it is working fine. But the application hosted on the webserver were mapped with "A" record only. while migrating all the application "A" records system itself created associated "PTR" records since we are facing an issues of backup failure and the count of the issue are getting increase day to day.


Can someone please help me to get this issue resolved would be much appriciated.




Re: Need to remove multiple reverse records mapping

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How to prevent the PTR records from being generated upon import depends on what method is being used to import this data. Most of the tools that Infoblox provides do provide the option to turn this off, but default to creating the PTR records.


Once the PTR records are created, you can consider the following options to clean them up:


- Delete the reverse mapping zone and recreate it, adding back in only the desired PTR records

- (Multi) select the PTR records and delete them


This can also be scripted, but writing the script could potentially take more effort than manually deleting the records in question. The best way of going about handling this will depend on how many records you are talking about and how easy it is to identify the ones which should be deleted versus the ones which need to be preserved.

Re: Need to remove multiple reverse records mapping

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Thanks its much helpful
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