New host report in Infoblox

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I am new to Infoblox reporting.  Is there a way/feature to create a weekly report to show all the new hosts that were created and what IP's they got?  We are running verison 7.2.


Thanks in advance.



Re: New host report in Infoblox

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Hello Johnny,


Since you have mentioned 'Hosts' and 'what IP's they got', I believe you are referring to the creation of HOST or a Fixed Address in DHCP.


To track creations/modifications/deletions, we need an index which contains audit log information. This was inroduced in NIOS version 7.3.0 where the reporting appliance can index complete audit log information.

Regarding your requirement to track what IP address was issued to a MAC, we need DHCP lease history information. 7.2 NIOS version has a report and dashboard named 'DHCP Lease History', which you can use to filter based on the status of the lease (Issued/Renewed/Freed/Abandoned) and also with the MAC of the client.


Infoblox Reporting & Analytics (IBRA) was introduced in NIOS version 7.3.0. IBRA delivers an enhanced reporting interface so you can now create custom dashboards, reports, alerts and much more. If you are a voracious reporting user, you will find the new capabilities very useful - after an upgrade to one of the latest releases.


Best Regards,
Bibin Thomas

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