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We have a somewhat unique and somewhat selfish request of Infoblox. We are using the rudimentary workflow system Infoblox provides, but as engineers, we've been stuck being awake at all hours of the night dealing with approvals and emergency approvals when the Operations team runs into trouble. We don't want to give the Ops managers full superuser access accounts. Instead, we would like for them to have the ability to approve and schedule a task in the workflow - only that. Then, at 2:00am, when a change made causes an outage and Ops needs to rollback, they won't need to wake up Engineering to get it approved - the Ops managers could do it. We just would rather not grant full admin privileges to the Ops managers.


Is this possible, or is it going to be available in a future release?



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This would certainly add a lot of functionality to Infoblox. For this type of request, you would want to open a case with Infoblox Support. It would then go through your Infoblox account (Sales) team as they would help with gaining visibility for the request and for any follow-ups.




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