OID for DHCP Tresholds

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Good Day, does anyone know where I can obtain the OID for DHCP tresholds?




Not sure exactly what you are

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Not sure exactly what you are looking for but the full SNMP MIB Hierarchy is in Chapter 37 of the Admin guide.  It will give you the OID for reading the current threasholds and the ones generated when they are crossed.

The mib's themselves can be downloaded from the grid GUI interface.


Re: Not sure exactly what you are

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So little bit later ..


Looking at the MIBs and does not really give the information.

Out of an entire network, need to know DHCP range (if exists) percent used, but then also the number of other entries outside of the range to know is full or not.  Big complain is which 'server' networks that don't use DHCP are full.

Testing a script running 8 threads, to count the number of entries and also pingsweep as again, handy to know what is REALLY free and highligh networks that may have a few entries but lots of wasted space.

Only issue, been running over 2 days processing, for only our networks (about 8000).


Note we don't have NetMRI or Reporter, so looking at IPAM solutions.

Re: Not sure exactly what you are

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look in the api guides for 'ipam statistics' and 'dhcp statistics'



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