Remove Inherited GRID Options

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Hi all,


Can someone help out with this one.


How do get rid of an Inherited Option in a specific scope?


I do not wan't to remove the global option but just on a specific scope.


Best regards,


Re: Remove Inherited GRID Options

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The only way I know of is to override it for that scope and specify the value you want.  It appears that the GUI won't let you just leave the value empty to get rid of the option, but that you have to specify an alternative.  It seems like leaving it empty to signify that the option should be dropped would be a useful alternative.

Re: Remove Inherited GRID Options

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I have the same problem, need to "unset" certain options that are inherited from grid level.

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Re: Remove Inherited GRID Options

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This has been discussed here.

The short answer is that the Infoblox GUI will not let you do that easily.   You must do some work around that may require some testing in your environment.

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