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I have not been on this forum in some time.  I looked for a search button and did not see it so please forgive me for posting something that may, hopefully, have already been resolved.  I find the reporting capability in Infoblox to be wanting when it comes to aggregations reports.  There are a lot of good detailed reports.  I am looking for some sample scripts that create reports such as:

-All ip address in the database

-All ip addresses that are active in the database

-All Ip addresses that are in active


Does anyone know if there are scripts that already exist that have been shared and that could be modified easily?  I am not an Infoblox expert.


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I'm wondering if you've seen the most recent Reporting Server with full access to the underlying Splunk engine.


Anyway, the API part of this forum has examples of finding IP addresses, and it really depends upon your language of choice.  If you wish to explore the API's, I'd recommend Postman as a starting point.  It will generate also sorts of code C, Curl, NodejS, Python, Swift etc as starters.

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