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Searching is slow

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I don't even know if I'm at the right spot here. I use "HP Front End for Infoblox" at work. The problem is that the show_status.php which I don't have access to lists ALL the previous results of insert. Which is a quite long list and it takes a lot more than it should. Is there a way to limit this query without database or serveraccess?

I also have a small program written in C# can I use some kind of API there which only shows the very last of the result message(s) of the insert query? I hope these questions make sense, I'm not sure tho...

Again, I don't have any access to anywhere only this website with 2 self explaining links: "Insert/delete DNS Entry" and "Show action" which has got no further options.

Thanks anyway.


Re: Searching is slow

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The "HP Front End to Infoblox" sounds like a custom portal tool not written by Infoblox, so I'm not sure we can help here.


To answer your question about C#, there is the Rest API you could use to do most everything you would need to do.  The docs for that can be found on the support.infoblox.com site under the Tech Docs section.  Navigate to NIOS and you should see the Rest API info there.

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