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Is there a way to lengthen the timeout of the web UI?  It seems like it's about 10 minutes now, which is just enough time to get interrupted with something else and go back to IPAM only to find that it's timed out.  I've got many users complaining, and it bothers me too!

Re: UI timeout

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Go to Grid -> Grid Properties (RH side toolbar), click Security. You'll see a session timeout that default to 600 seconds.




Re: UI timeout

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The default session idle timeout value is 10 minutes but you can easily change it.  It's one of the Grid properties under the Security tab.  Look in the NIOS Admin Guide and search on "session timeout".

Re: UI timeout

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The session timeout value can also be set via the console cli which is helpful to quickly set this when you are setting up a new standalone VM or appliance before you even login to the GUI!


set session_timeout


...which will then prompt for the desired value in seconds.

Steve S.
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