WAPI call for clearing DNS cache

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I haven't seen this availability, but I wanted to ask hear in case I missed it or it is on a newer version of NIOS.


There is a session functionality in the PAPI for clear_dns_cache:



I am looking for the same functionality on the REST WAPI.  Is it there?


Thanks for your help!





Re: WAPI call for clearing DNS cache

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The clear_dns_cache function for the WAPI was added starting in NIOS version 8.1. You can find details in the 2.6.0 WAPI guide which is available for download in the Tech Docs section on the Infoblox Support site (


For your reference:


curl -k -u admin:infoblox -X POST ""


From the WAPI guide:


Function Calls


This function is used to clear DNS cache. It clears the entire cache or removes one specified domain from the named
This function does not support multiple object matches when called as part of an atomic insertion operation.

Input fields
clear_full_tree ( Bool. ): Determines whether the function clears the given domain as well as all the names under it.
The default value is “False”.
domain ( String. ): The domain name to be cleared from the DNS cache. If no domain name is specified, then the
entire cache is cleared. The default value is “None”.
view ( String. ): The DNS view on which the operation is performed.

Output fields
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