Which DHCP Scopes are using Failover

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Hello Experts,


I have lots of Networks, with lots of DHCP Scopes, spread across multiple DHCP Failovers.


Is it possible to View which Scopes are using which Failovers, and which scopes have been configured not to use failover, without going into each network and viewing the Scope?


My thoughts are that I am going to have to take a copy of the DHCP config and try to pull out the relevant information. I cry lots at this thought.


is it possible to view the information within the GUI, via reporting or smart folders, or is this one of those tasks DDI admins, hope never gets asked of them.


Cheers for any pointers, information or sympathy  



Re: Which DHCP Scopes are using Failover

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Starting in NIOS version 7.1.0, there is a global export feature which would make this pretty easy to do. On any screen in your Grid Manager GUI where you see the CSV Job Manager button in the side toolbar, click on that and if your version of NIOS supports it, you will see a CSV Export tab.


From there, click on the New CSV Export Job button (a round sun like shape) to open the Global CSV Export Wizard. Here, uncheck the All Objects check box, enable the check box for IPv4 DHCP Ranges and then click on the Export Data button.


Follow the prompts to complete the export and once done, you'll have a nifty spreadsheet that you can sort and filter to get the data that you're looking for here. Any ranges assigned to a failover association will have the association name listed in the failover_association column. This will be blank otherwise.


Hope this helps!

Re: Which DHCP Scopes are using Failover

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Sir, you have saved me a lot of fun and games.


Thank you very much for the Quick response.

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