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Why not combine physical and virtual appliances for HA pair?

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I know I cannot combine physical and virtual appliances to create a ha pair, but why?


Clock frecuency processors?

VRRP issues?




Re: Why not combine physical and virtual appliances for HA pair?

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Good question!


It is not a technical limitation but rather a support and performance implication. 


The idea behind an HA pair is that both the active and passive node posess idential data as well as idential resources to handle the load when active. While a physical and virtual appliance of the same spec should in theory provide the same performance, Infoblox can not control or ensure this for the VM environment. It would not be advisable to have an HA failover occur to a node that was not on par to its physical counterpart perhaps due to resource issues or constraints in the VM environment. Troubleshooting would also become more complex with the networking between virtual and physical and the potential of performance variations. 

Steve S.
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