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best practice for comments / extensible attributes?

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whats best practice for simple use of comments to an IP address?

In Infoblox DDI the IP address itself is no database object and therefore I can not add an extensible attribute or comment to it - right?

If I got a bunch of objects with different values of the same extensible attribute bound to same IP adress (A record, ip reservation, ...) - the value of which extensible attribute from which of these objects is shown on a network IP address list view? Is there an order?

Admin guide didnt help much on this.

Thanks for any advice!





Re: best practice for comments / extensible attributes?

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Hi ,

I tested this for a bit.

You can use hosts for simple comments on IP addresses. NIOS allows creating host objects which are not enabled in DNS or DHCP. These are just for IP address management purpose. To create one, just ensure that the 'Enable in DNS' and 'Enable in DHCP' boxes are unchecked when creating a host object. This host will only show up in IPAM. A comment can be added to this host object.


As for the second question, regarding which object's extensible attributes will take precedence, I am not a 100% sure on this. I tested a couple of scenarios (with comments, not EAs)  and saw that if a Fixed address, host and range are associated with  an IP address, the comment for the fixed address is displayed in IPAM, irrespective of what order these are created. However, I am not sure if there are other factors to consider here.






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