vDiscover resolving conflicts and warning messages

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Hello @all,


we are using vDiscover with VMware (NIOS 8.2.4) to get the ip address data from our vm environment. Furthermore we use microsoft management in a read only configuration. My Problem is that we have a huge amount of objects with different hostname in DNS and in the VM environment. That means that the vm ware hostname differs from the DNS A Record. We know that and it is by design. All these objects are marked as conflicts. If I try to resolve the conflicts I have two options:

— Update all the displayed objects to be affiliate to the discovered affiliation: Update all associated objects in this IP address to affiliate with the discovered affiliation.

— Keep the current affiliation(s) and clear the conflict: Keeps the existing data and clear the conflict



If I choose "option 1" Infoblox denies the change because the appliance cannot change the AD DNS domain because it is read only.

Option 2 resolves the conflict until the next vdiscover Job.

Is there a way the solve the conflicts permanently?



Second question:

I see these messages within the Syslog File:


warning VM: 50175c4b-00e0-bdb2-bc7e-e7e98eb7a8d7 (name: AXXTE0B001) has been ignored

warning fe80::91b3:64a5:adef:d587 (network view: default ) has been ignored


I created the IPv6 link local network with no success. What is the meaning of these messages?

This is a screenshot of our configuration.


2018-09-05 14_51_03-Infoblox Grid Manager - 8.2.4-366880.jpg


Kind regards






Re: vDiscover resolving conflicts and warning messages

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One possible solution would be to use a separate network view for the MS-sync and VM-discovery data. That way you would have to instances of the same data and you can toggle back and forth between them and there will be no conflicts.


It does sound like you are looking for a product enhancement that would permanently disable conflicts for data discovered by a vdiscovery task or for a network.


Re: vDiscover resolving conflicts and warning messages

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Hi, vjockheck


About the messages , it´s appears because the virtual machines is shutdown and was never found by discovery.


This applies to a virtualized environment.



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