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[Podcast] Understanding Implications of IPv6-only Environment

Welcome to our very first IPv6 COE Podcast


Listen to our Pv6 Center of Excellence Podcast, led by Tom Coffeen, our Chief IPv6 Evangelist. He spoke to a team of experts on our technical advisory board on a variety of topics related to IPv6 trends and adoption and implications to enterprises in an emerging scenario of IPv6-only.



  • Tom Coffeen, Chief IPv6 Evangelist, Infoblox, Author of O’Reilly IPv6 Address Planning
  • Scott Hogg, CTO Global Technology Resources, Inc., @scotthogg
  • Ed Horley (howfunky.com), VP of Engineering at Groupware Technology
  • Cricket Liu, Chief DNS Architect, Co-author of DNS and BIND

Are you ready for IPv6?

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