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Recent IPv6 Features in NIOS

From our release notes, here's a quick run-down of some recent IPv6 features in NIOS (as of 8.1.1):

Support for IPv6 NXDOMAIN Redirection
NIOS now supports IPv6 NXDOMAIN redirection. You can create rules that specify how a DNS member responds to queries for A and AAAA records for certain domain names and non-existent domain names.
DDNS Update Method
You can now select either the Interim or Standard DDNS update method. For dual-stack clients that acquire both IPv4 and IPv6 leases and use the same DNS name for both types, you can configure IPv4 and IPv6 to use different DDNS update methods (Infoblox recommends using Interim for IPv4 and Standard for IPv6).
DHCP Lease Affinity
Infoblox provides a DHCPv6 lease affinity feature that allows you to reuse expired IPv6 leases for DHCP clients. When you enable this feature, the DHCPv6 server automatically renews the expired leases. A DHCP client can retrieve the same lease and retain the same IP address from the DHCPv6 server. This feature helps reduce the amount of IPv6 leases in the database as the DHCP server can issue the same lease multiple times for the same client.
Other IPv6 Enhancements
The appliance now supports using IPv6 anycast addresses for NS records to override the auto-generated IP addresses.
Any IPv6 features that we're currently missing that you'd like to see? Leave them in the comments!

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