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Talking IPv6 DNS with Cricket Liu – IPv6 CoE Podcast Episode #4

I'm very excited to present the fourth episode of the Infoblox IPv6 Center of Excellence podcast, featuring our regular contributors and TAB members Scott Hogg and Ed Horley, who bring to bear their usual deep knowledge of, and experience with, everything IPv6.
This time around we were also joined by the esteemed Cricket Liu, Chief DNS Architect and a Senior Fellow at Infoblox as well as the author of the O'Reilly Media classic "DNS and BIND", which just happens to be the first book on networking technology I ever purchased and read, way back in the Internet's Mesozoic era (but one whose content remains required reading right up to the present day).  
The topic of our latest episode is IPv6 and DNS and Cricket brings his nonpareil expertise to bear as we discuss both beginning and advanced subjects such as the modifications to DNS to support IPv6, how DNS is used to facilitate IPv6 deployment, what exactly Happy Eyeballs does (and doesn't do), and even DNS64. We also take an initial stab at determining just who does and doesn't qualify as an "IPv6 weirdo."
And as always, your deployment experiences, questions, remarks, brickbats, and/or bouquets left in the comments area are highly encouraged and deeply appreciated. Thanks for listening! 

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