Categorization Cisco IOS Devices - switches & routers

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Does anybody know how NetMRI categorize cisco devices ? We got a field describing the devices as either : 

- switch

- switch-router

- router

- console-server


I would like to know the parameter that define these settings, and if they are reliable, any idea ?


Re: Categorization Cisco IOS Devices - switches & routers

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The Device Type is determined based on a number of factors. 


- For well-known devices whose function is unambiguous, it may simply be determined based on the sysObjectID.


- Other data provided by the device itself is also considered, including the values of ipForwarding and sysServices.


- If the device is running CDP or LLDP, capability information polled from neighboring devices is also considered.


- And finally, "fingerprinting" (including nmap results) is used.


The final Device Type is a weighted average of those values (and a few other), with highest weight given to the "most authoritative" indicators.


For supported devices that NetMRI has SNMP access to, the Device Type should be highly reliable, approaching 100% accuracy.  If you have devices that NetMRI is consistently assigning an incorrect Device Type, please open a support case so we can investigate and, hopefully, correct,


Note that, for devices NetMRI does not have SNMP access to, the accuracy of the Device Type decreases somewhat, as none of the really authoritative data is available in that case.


Finally, note that it is possible to manually set the Device Type for individual devices, by bringing up the Device Viewer for that device and going to Settings & Status -> General Settings.  A Type specified in this way will be considered authoritative, overriding the automatic detection.




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