Create and customize NetMRI groups

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We're using NetMRI as a watchdog to alert when switches go down. 
Some switches we don't need to know if it's down due to maintenence. 


How do I create my own device groups and move the various devices that I don't want to alert on in that group?



Re: Create and customize NetMRI groups

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You can look at the Admin Guide for "Creating Device Group" for additional information



$ID = 30

$Vendor eq "Cisco"

$Version like /^12.1.*/

$Model in ["cat4506", "3725"]

$IPAddress in [,]

memberOf ["Router Group", "Switch Group"]

$Vendor eq "Cisco" and ($Model eq "catalyst2912XL" or $Model eq "cat3548XL")


To perform a case-insensitive match, use the regular expression modifier /i. Example:

$Name like /core/i


It will group all devices with the name "core" into that group.


You will have to go to Issues and turn off the issue for the other groups.



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