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Hi Experts,

I want a report from NetMRI that lists everthing that NetMRI has discovered which has a Serial# associated with it.

It should include all components like modules. The Chassis_Inventory report gets truncated to 10,000 entries. Is there a setting that can unlock this truncation?


Also, Is it possible to query the Netmri database against a Serial#?






Re: Database Query/Inventory/Reports

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Network Explorer > Devices > Device Components should have what you want. You can search based on serial number in there, too. 


You can also build a custom report based on the "Device Components" data type. You can also set filters in there.

Re: Database Query/Inventory/Reports

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I agree with John.  Use the Report Manager to schedule the report.  Make the type "Device Components".  That is where the serial numbers live.



Re: Database Query/Inventory/Reports

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You can use this RegEx to help Smiley Happy - ingores anything that is empty or a just "spaces"

RegEx for not empty.png

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