Device Recently Reloaded

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I've got an NT4000 with 1,000 licenses running on the box. I've got a subscription service set up to email when a device is reloaded. I'm getting around 10-15 emails a day for devices reloading but when you log into the device, the uptime is months or years. In the email, if you click on the link, it will take you to the device's page and it states the Uptime as weeks or months. The reason for reload is always "Unknown". Also, if I check the devices that are reporting false positives, they all have another similar issue in common and that is "SNMP Access Lost". I was under the impression that NetMRI was looking at the SNMP Uptime MIB as to whether or not a device reloaded. Anyone ever run into something similar to this? This was happening on 7.0.3 and I just upgraded to 7.0.5. and the issue is still occurring.



Re: Device Recently Reloaded

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Sounds like a bug, you should open a support case.

Re: Device Recently Reloaded

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What model of devices are those?

I have had a case open for some time on a false positive for Device Recently Restarted after SNMP access failed for some time due an upstream path problem.  Most of mine are Cisco 29xx routers.

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