Enabling DHCP-Snooping on HP ProCurve Switches

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I'm new to NetMRI and was wondering about the best way to implement DHCP-snooping on our HP ProCurve switches. The following commands are used to enable this feature:


*Enable DHCP-Snooping*
switch(config)# dhcp-snooping

*Add DHCP Servers*
switch(config)# dhcp-snooping authorized-server <DHCP Server IP>

*Allow DHCP ACK replies to be sent from the uplink interfaces*
switch(config)# dhcp-snooping trust <Uplink Ports>

*Start DHCP snooping on each vlan*
switch(config)# dhcp-snooping vlan <Vlan-IDs>

*Disable option 82 insertion*
switch(config)# no dhcp-snooping option 82

*View DHCP-snooping configuration*

switch(config)# show dhcp-snooping



What is the best way to create a rule and policy to check this, based on the resulting output of the "show dhcp-snooping" command?

How do I set a script to trigger based on policy compliance?

What is the best way to script this?

How do I specify the uplink ports in the script?



Re: Enabling DHCP-Snooping on HP ProCurve Switches

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Prompting a user for a variable in a Script






$int string



Add DHCP Snooping



config t

dhcp-snooping trust $int


wr mem


They others are more complex and I would suggest that you reach out to your account to look at purchasing some PS time.(PS teaches you as well as writes scripts for you )


You can build a custom issue and run the command "show dhcp-snooping" then parse it and look for the correct data then generate an Issue in NetMRI Smiley Happy


If you post the output I can see if I have some time next week to help you in the write direction.



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