How do we search in this forum for previous topics?

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How do we search in this forum for previous topics?

Hi Jan,

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Hi Jan,

Thank you for posting your question.  To search content, place your cursor just to the right of the word "Site" in the search box at the top right of the page (below your username).  Other's have asked the same question, as it's not intuitive how to actually type in the box as the "site" is a dropdown for users to select between "people" and 'site content.'

Fortunately, we ARE going to be making some significant changes to the community site over the next few months.  As we continue to plan site changes (like better search, more intuitive navigation, etc.,) I'd like to hear from you.  We want to ensure we provide you with a site that provides the features and functionality you need.  Please let us know your "wish list' and we'll do our best to make it happen.  Stay tuned for more in the community blog!




searching previous content on the community

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With the new community launching, you'll find searching much more intuitive.  You have a few ways to find information:


1.  On the homepage, you'll notice the Search the Community box - type in a keyword or a topic and you'll find the filter will auto-fill content.


2.  Use the search box at the top right of every screen.  You can search users, or the community.  Additionally, you can also use the advanced search which includes filters.


If you appreciate my efforts, please give me a kudo ↓ or Accept as solution to help others find it faster.
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