How long does NETMRI will try to autodiscover a range of IPs?

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We  have added 2  devcies  and would hope NETMRI  will discover that in 12 hrs   since  we   it  configured  as auto discover.   ut  12  hour past and  it hasn't  been discovered.    How  long does it take  for NETMRI to discover these devices?  I dont want to   add them as  static    yet   but 12 hrs  is a bit too long  to discover a device.  Would that  be   fair assesment?

Generally, new devices are

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Generally, new devices are found because they are seen in neighboring devices. For example, in ARP tables, CDP tables, next hops in routing tables, OSPF neighbor tables, etc. This should happen generally within a couple hours, depending on your configuration. 

If these are not being discovered, could it be that they are not within a valid discover range?


Hi Joe,

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Hi Joe,

Wanted to reach out and see if you were able to resolve your question.  Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to reach out to our team.


Just added a few switches and

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Just added a few switches and they are not being picked up by NetMRI. I added one of the switches as a static and it was found,  but like the original poster, I don't want to do that.

I did a discovery diagnostic on the IP and NetMRI was able to get info from them.

The switch addresses are defined in valid discovery ranges. Why would NetMRI not be finding these?



Re: Just added a few switches and

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Brian / Joe,


I have recently joined this community website. Were the auto-discovery issues resolved ? Let me know, if any assistance is needed on this.

Re: Just added a few switches and

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I personally seem to have to add everything as a static IP, plus the network in order for things to discover correctly.  That was the advice I got from support.


Have you opened up a ticket with them?



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