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How to block assign IP from Inflobox

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We want to block assign IP from Inflobox to certain range of MAC address which means, those computers connected (WLAN & wired) should not get IP assigned from inflobox.

Do we have enable MAC filters? If yes kindly provide the step by step procedure to do it.


Re: How to block assign IP from Inflobox

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We define one MAC address for testing and set in classic filter, but its not working STILL the client getting IP ,even after clear lease, ipconfig /release renew and restarted the pc as well.

Do we have to add in “Logic Filter List” also?



We have 500 MAC address to be blocked, may we know how to achieve this?

Is there batch file to upload one shot to define all MAC in one click or if not we have to enter manually for all 500 .


Anyone Can share the rollback plan ,incase if there is any issue does remove filter to resume back the services?

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