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[NETMRI] Juniper EX-4200: pull JunOS config in SET MODE

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I noticed that by default the NETMRI appliance, downloads Juniper EX-series config in "extended mode", but not in "set mode".


It would be much more useful to get the config directly in "set mode", without having to convert it by script.


Is there any way to force the Netmri appliance to download the EX config in 'set mode'?







Re: [NETMRI] Juniper EX-4200: pull JunOS config in SET MODE

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You can't change the format that NetMRI collects and archives the configs.


Do you mean the "display set" option?  e.g...


show | display set


... which shows the set commands needed to create the configuration?


You could write a CCS script that issues these commands on the device and saves the results to a file, which would be attached to be job output.

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