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Need help: Trying to add Mac addresses to work on my network

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This is from a customer who posted on Reddit - can you solve this?  If so, please post a comment here.



Hello smart people. My company has upgraded our Infoblox application. I am tasked with writing up the new procedure for bulk mac-address imports. I have called Infoblox, they directed me to the CSV file documentation, and said "have a nice day." But I'm a watch and do kinda guy, not a "read and instantly understand," learner. And it seems to me that the documentation doesn't have a lot context involved. Is there anyone in here, who does this, that can explain a little clearer for us dumb monkeys, what is expected for this process?

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Re: Need help: Trying to add Mac addresses to work on my network

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Don't have a Reddit account, feel free to copy/share/remix this.


The hardest part to grasp with the CSV files is the need of "headers", the doc is indeed a bit scarse on this. Anyway here is the idea of a sample file content (inspired by table 1.2 from the docs) :







1st line says "I'm working on a host records, will be matching them on fqdn and will assign them a new one"

2nd line says "The host record named will be renamed to".

3dr line says "I'm working on host record, will be matching them on fqdn, configuring for DNS and DHCP using the given adresses"

4th line says "Create a host record name in the DNS with the ip and do a mac address reservation for it using the mac aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa"


During a CSV import you several choices (skip on error, merge, overwrite and such). I tend to always use overwrite and skip on error, since imports are _not_ transactional, I prefer to apply a maximum of them and fix the errors (if any) afterwards. The doc has details on the differences between add/overwrite/merge


Best for testing this is to deploy a VM in lab and doing some tests.


Hope it helps.

Re: Need help: Trying to add Mac addresses to work on my network

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I tend to find the easiest way to get a handle on the format of these CSV files is to add a few values in the GUI first, then use the "Export data in Infoblox CSV Import format" option. Use the exported file as a template.

Paul Roberts
PCN (UK) Ltd

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Re: Need help: Trying to add Mac addresses to work on my network

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The name structure will trip you up till you have it correct.

Also if you hit trouble open your csv up in a notepad like program, which will highlight blank rows or columns.


Required Columns

header-fixedaddress (with values on each row of fixedaddress at least from my experience)

ip_address* (with your ip values, since the tool is based on ip)

mac_address (filled out with your MACs will generate a MAC based record, for instances the MAC might change and you just want a reservation to be created use 00:00:00:00:00:00


Optional Columns

name (default fields are just their name and you fill them out how you like)

comment (default fields are just their name and you fill them out how you like)

EA-CustomName [each Extensible Attribute requires the EA- prefix before the name you created]


If you don't feel comfortable typing it out you can always export everything.  Find the template of what you need and clear everything out that you don't need.  Fill in the new information and import the new data.


In addition with the import tool.  If no record exists for that space you do an 'add', if some of the records exist you probably want to do an 'override'.


While you might struggle getting use to the tool it is very powerful.  It lets you do mass creation or edits without having to do scripting or manual (one at a time).

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