NetMRI 7.3.1 Topology Browser Cheat Sheet

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Just wanted to share some keyboard and mouse shortcuts for the new 7.3.1 Topology Browser:



<left click>

Select an individual node

<ctrl> + <left click>

Multi-select nodes

<shift> + <left click> + drag

Box select

<left click> + drag on node

Move node

<left click> on whitespace

Deselect all

<left click> + drag on whitespace

Pan view


Zoom view


Display node or edge information

<right click> on node

Device Tool Menu

<right click> on whitespace

Promote selected to view

<right double-click>

Pin/Unpin node, (fluid layout only)


Hope you find this helpful.



Re: NetMRI 7.3.1 Topology Browser Cheat Sheet

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Thanks very much for sharing this.


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