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NetMRI Hotfixes - What is the quickest way to install them?

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Frequently there are new hotfixes available for NetMRI. We try to keep up with them as good as we can, but it's each time a lengthy process of installing them when. Certainly when using an OC+Collectors setup. Because for every hotfix, the services on each collector get stopped and started again. Causing sometimes multiple hours of unavailability.


Is there a way to speed up this process?

Can we download the hotfixes somewhere so we can apply them to the collectors manually? I noticed that you can specify multiple hotfixes after the autoupdate command to install them all at once.


Can we run that update "silently" somehow? So we don't need to answer yes multiple times?


Re: NetMRI Hotfixes - What is the quickest way to install them?

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I would open a case with Support, someone from Support were posting them here



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