Policy Rule filtering on a component model

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In our chasis based Cisco switches, we want to create rules which take the model of the supervisor module and combine that with the code version running on the module.

For example, in the XML, we would have these type of entries:

<Expr label='1' note='' op='='><Expr field='devicevendor'/><Expr value='Cisco'/></Expr>

<Expr label='21' note='' op='contains'><Expr field='devicemodel'/><Expr value='catalyst4510'/></Expr>

<Expr label='24' note='' op='contains'><Expr field='???componentmodel???'/><Expr value='WS-X4515'/></Expr>

<Expr label='12' note='' op='='><Expr field='deviceversion'/><Expr value='15.0(2)SG4'/></Expr>

Is there such an expression which I can use for the component model? Have I just missed the documentation that lists all of those expression fields?





The product does not

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The product does not currently support navigating to the components within the policy XML.

The list of available fields in the policy XML can be found by looking at the API documentation for the "InfraDevice" model. This can be found in the product at:


Or by navigating to Tools > Network > API Documentation and searching the API docs from there.

When using an XML filter via the API, the filter is applied to the object type you are querying, so you would look at that object type documentation to see the list of fields in that case.


I am happy to say that as of

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I am happy to say that as of NetMRI 6.9 (just released), this type of policy rule can be written, as there are substantial improvements to the policy engine and greatly improved documentation and examples for the XML-based policies. You can access the device's components from within a policy rule. You can also access lists, which would enable you to create the logic of the rule, then create the mappings of compnents/models/versions in a list for easier maintenance. 

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