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Prevent devices from showing up in multilple device groups

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If I have several different extended device groups that contain the same devices, but different functions (i.e. test vs production). Is there a way to have a device to only match one group, such as the first one it matches?


For example, I have a general "Switching" group that contains anything of type Switch or Switch-Router. I want to separate out switches with "test" in the name. I created a second device group called "Test" with a higher rank than "Switching", and matches "$Name like /test/", but the devices show up in both "Test" and "Switching".


I could use the "notMemberof" statement in the "Switching" group, but that requires me to list all the device groups it shouldn't be a member of. I have a lot of these situations, so listing each group is not practical. Would something like "notmemberOf [*]" or other wildcard work? Seems like that would include the current group as well.


Or perhaps there is a way to tell NetMRI to stop matching at a certain rank?






Re: Prevent devices from showing up in multilple device groups

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Rank is unrelated to matching. Rank is used to determine which settings win for a device, when it is a member of multiple groups.


There is no way to make a device part of a single group only. Each group is independently populated. You can do nested groups under Switching, that might satisfy your use case.



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