network monitoring with NetMRI

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Hi all,

I would like to use my netmri appliance to monitor my network.

The network scan is working fine and I can see what errors and warning there are per switch.

Now, what I want and I hope someone here can help me is to have a topology map of my network (normally pretty straight forward) and email alerts and pop ups when a switch in the topology map goes down. I can't easily find help to configure this and I'm having some trouble with the configuration.

Anyone who is running this setup and can give me some pointers on what to do and what to avoid?



Hi Yves,

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Hi Yves,

Go to settings / Notifications / Subscriptions 

Click "Add Notification" Choose the category "New Issues" and select the issue "Down Device (Devices)" (you can also multiselect othe issues you want warnings about)

Choose "e-mail" for e-mail notification and set the other options like you want them to be configured.

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