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Switch port status report

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Hi All,


Our company recently migrated to NIOS v8.1.1 with NetInsight and IPAM and a dedicated Reporting server. Under the old NetMRI we were able to export the switch port status for every switches quite easily.


Under this version, can anyone help me to generate the same output or point me to the right place? I tried to search under Reporting but can't seem to see a predefined report for this. There is a report called "Port Capacity Utlisation by Device". This report only show port counts for each switch. I need port status of all switch ports for each switch.


For example, the columns I need Hostname, Interface, If Description, Interface Type, If Admin Status, If Oper Status, Speed, etc


Much appreciated for your help.


Kind regards,



Re: Switch port status report

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Sorry never mind, I just found it now. It's the report "Device Interface Inventory". I clicked on it before but it presented a empty table. Look like I just need to allow more time for it to generate.

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