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Get Agentless Security for Your Remote and Branch Offices

Infoblox is excited to announce the beta program for the next release of ActiveTrust Cloud! Infoblox ActiveTrust Cloud is a SaaS service designed to provide protection on and off-premises, including to roaming users and users in remote offices/branch offices. It...


  • helps detect and stop DNS based data exfiltration
  • blocks malware callbacks to command and control sites
  • provides deep visibility into infected endpoints


This next release of the service provides protection without having to install any endpoint agents making it even easier to get started.


Use case addressed and how it works:


The solution uses a DNS forwarder, which takes DNS queries from the clients (let’s say in a remote office), embeds the client IP information in them and then forwards the queries to ActiveTrust Cloud. So you can now get access to the service using agentless connection without compromising on endpoint visibility. This is especially relevant for remote offices/branch offices or where devices exist that can’t run endpoint agents. By using the forwarder, ActiveTrust Cloud provides identifying information for infected clients enabling faster incident response.


The forwarder is offered as a virtual feature. Infoblox will deliver the VM, which you can download, start and manage via Infoblox Cloud Services Portal.


Don’t miss the opportunity to get early access to the service and go agentless!


Please email to get access to the free beta code.



For more information on ActiveTrust Cloud, read the datasheet or see the video.


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