DHCP options for Avaya phones

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I would need to configure the following options for avaya phones in Infoblox (gridmanager 6.8.4) DHCP option 242- Avaya IP Phones. String= MCIPADD=10.xx.xx.02,10.xx.xx.01,MCPORT=1719,VLAN=(Vlan # goes here) but I'm not sure how to configure the string options, can you please help? Thanks!

Hi Gabriel,

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Hi Gabriel,

This is pretty straightforward. First you need to add option 242 to the data vlan as follows:

Data Management -->DHCP --> put a checkmark to the left of the data subnet --> Edit --> IPv4 DHCP Options --> scroll down to the Custom DHCP options at the bottom --> click the "+" sign and select "option 242" from the list --> enter: L2Q=1,L2QVLAN=<voice vlan #>,VLANTEST=<a number between 0 and 60) --> save and close

On the voice vlan, repeat above steps but enter: MCIPADD=<callmanager IP addr>,MCPORT=1719,HTTPSRVR=<ip addr of the HTTP server> --> save and close. If like me you are hosting the files on Infoblox in a folder on the root directory use this instead for option 242:

MCIPADD=<callmanager IP addr>,MCPORT=1719,HTTPDIR=/<folder name>/,HTTPSRVR=<Ip addr of grid member running HTTP service>



Screenshot of DHCP options

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