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Delegate API access for DHCP changes

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Hello, Our university has adopted infoblox for DNS and DHCP on the campus level. It also allows individual academic departments to run their own zones, delegating access to add/remove hosts, set DHCP ranges, etc. However, when asked if we could have API access to script DHCP changes (such as for PXE boot instances), we were told that API access is not something that can be granted to departmental administrators. Is this an issue with delegation of access (we were also told that only superusers can create templates -- at any level -- and were denied the ability to create fixed address/reservation templates) of the API? Or can they actually allow us API script access with particular credentials that would only affect our area of responsibility? Thanks, Chris

Access to the API is

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Access to the API is something that can be granted to any admin (limited or superuser).  There are some constructs in the system which are available to superusers only so there may be some limitations on what you would ultimately have access to.

I can't speak to your specific environment but it could be policy which prohibits delegation or it could be inexperience with the act of creating appropriate delegation configurations.

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