How to process to block URLs

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We have 2 boxes 1550-A with DNS and DHCP license only. Now we want to block specific URLs. As I understand I need to buy add-on DNS firewall license. But is it enough for our purpose? Could you please help? Thanks Nguyen

Block URLs or domains/zones?

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Infoblox does not have a web proxy product so blocking by content in a URL is not possible, however, you can block by DNS zone (a.k.a. domain) if you intend to provide protection for malware or just to prevent users from going to certain websites.  One option is to use the DNS Firewall.

Re: Block URLs or domains/zones?

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Hello Team,


Need to unblock Domain Name which is blacklisted at Infoblox end.

Kindly guide how to unblock it as importing the CSV file after changing its state from REDIRECT to PASS doesn't make a difference.


Kindly suggest if any other possibility exists.

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