Question about DNS Views

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Hello all,

Appologize for the basicness of this question, but I've just inherited an Infoblox deployment that appears to not be working 100%

In the admin guide, it states that if a DNS query matches a client match list, then it will match that view.  What happens if the client match is set to none?

In my situation I have

View 1 - match none
View 2 - match none
View 3 - match none
View 3 - Match
Default View - Match none

The order is manually set on some of the members, so I can see which view is checked first, but my question is: does match none mean the same as match any ip?  If so, am I correct to think that the first view would be the view used, or does it fall through to the next view?



hello Ed,

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hello Ed, 

you are correct - match none will allow any client so first view will be used (assuming it is not View3 of course)

Hope this helps



Hi Ed,

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Hi Ed,

Wanted to check in and see if you were able to resolve your issue?  Let me know as I'm happy to reach out to the internal team.


Re: Question about DNS Views

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For just a  bit of clarity, DNS Views will Match from Top to bottom in your list, and within a given view read left to right.


This becomes important if you plan to include a given network, but not individual addresses within a network.


In that case, deny the individual addresses first, then allow the networks.


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