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Subnet Stats

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Is there any RESTful API call for a subnet statistics.  We have many thousands of subnets, I can extract a sub-set using a search, but some could be full, so would like to ignore/reject those with 90% utilisation before attempting to create a new entry.  Save a try/fail/try/fail/try/success brute force attempt.

I created something with the PERL API, but we are trying to avoid using PERL and keep the code within HP Orchestration and using the RESTful.

Ideally as part of a subnets elements would be a usage counter or even an isFull type method :-) Although we often have entries as UNUSED, but actually someone has taken the IP (ie. did a ping sweep and just decided to use an IP).

Option would be to retrieve all the UNUSED for each subnet, count and ignore/rejest those with < 5 free as and example.  But again, would need to run on every creation, so expensive in processing.

Another would be a 'background' house keeping routing to run daily and update an extensible attribute if full, then hence other code can ignore/reject those subnets.



Did you ever come up with

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Did you ever come up with anything for this?  I'm trying to get utilization on my DHCP scopes as well and coming up dry (aside from manually walking every IP and counting like you mentioned).


This was posted in the

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This was posted in the Network Automation(NetMRI) area, it looks like you are wanting help for IPAM(DDI) please repost in the correct group.


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No easy solution

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Nothing forth coming via the Restful API.

Do not like the idea, but likely run a scheduled job to collect stats via the Perl API, then update an extensible attribute on the Subnet with the remaining capacity.  This will be expensive in computation as we have about 8000 subnets just in the UK to update at least daily.



There is a snmp string that

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There is a snmp string that you can pull that has this info in it.   The ibgraph bloxtools application pulled this and graphs it.   I used that code to aleart on full DHCP scopes in our infrastructure.

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