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Testing Grid Master Candidate across firewall

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Does anyone know of an effective way to test and ensure a pair of my Bastions can reach a new GMC I am setting up?My firewall team assures me the rules are in place the same as my existing Grid master, but they have been wrong before.Are they any specific log msgs I need to watch out for?thanks!


Re: Testing Grid Master

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The only way to test this 100% is to promote the GMC to GM and make sure that all members get connected to the grid again and your administrators are able to connect to the GUI on the 'new' GM. The impact on the grid is limited since local services on the members will keep running, even when they loose the connection to the grid master but there will be impact (restarting members, grid communication, etc.) so it might be the best solution to do this during a maintenance window. The admin guide describes exactly the process of promoting a grid master candidate to grid master and the impact on the grid and the services. Make sure to take a look at this before promoting the GMC. Best regards, Bregt
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