Using LAN 2 on Trinzic 1410 as a seperate interface

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Hi guys,

i configured LAN 2 port of a Trinzic 1410 as a dedicated interface (not for HA purposes). Now i'm a little bit confused, that i have to configure a default gateway for LAN 2 although it would be enough to configure static routes via next-hops residing in the LAN 2 subnet. Funnily enough, there are 2 dafault routes visible with "show routes", but only one those from LAN 1 is in the main routing table. Under which circumstances, the LAN 2 gateway will be chosen ? And are there some major issues when using LAN 2 compared to LAN 1 ?

Can someone explain me the concept behind this a little birt deeper? The NIOS Admin guide ist not really helpful in this case, because it only says "you have to configure a default gateway on LAN 2 port...". For me (as a routing guy), the configuration of several gateways i not really plausible.

Thanks in advance...

Re: Using LAN 2 on Trinzic 1410 as a seperate interface

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I suspect when LAN2 separate, it's intended to be used on a different subnet.


If you want to use LAN2 on the same subnet, you need to join it to LAN1 as redundant interfaces.


If you want more than one IP address on the same subnet, you should consider creating a loopack IP address (although I think it won't respond to ARP requests so you'd need to put a static route or static ARP on the gateway).

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