Way to create bulk number of resource record

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Team, Kindly suggest me the way to create bulk number of ARECORDS all together than going GUI and adding one by one.Suggest me the alternative way to add resource record type ARECORDThanks..

Re: Way to create bulk number

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I'm not sure a link to the "Officially Unsupported" ibCli is allowed, but looks like this is what you need. It is a Perl based command line which interfaces with the Grid Master.

There is a good amount of documentation on how to do bulk creations/imports. For your specific case it would look something like:


conf zone add a_record test1

conf zone add a_record test2

conf zone add a_record test3


Re: Way to create bulk number

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Create a 'Bulk Host' record. This will automatically generate hostnames and A records for the range of IP addresses that you've specified.

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