custom IPv4 DHCP options

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one query.


we have DHCP options set under Grid properties and all the networks defined under DHCP inherited the same options .

we changed the DHCP options for specific Networks under DHCP ( which are resrved for Voice) to update TFTP through DHCP. 


we are now trying to add few more DNS suffixes to the existing DHCP options unders Grid properties.


could someone please confrim if this overwrites the existing voice IP subnets DHCP options? Thank you in advance


Thank you in advance

Re: custom IPv4 DHCP options

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If you have the options overriden and set specifically at the voice networks they will not be overwritten or changed if you make option changes at the Grid level. Only the options that are inherited from the Grid level would be changed if changes are made to the specific Grid DHCP options. 


Hope that helps!

Steve S.
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