Trying to setup vRA 7.1 and Infoblox integration

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I've setup a vRA 7.1 lab and deployed a Infoblox appliance (trial with license optiosn 2, 8, 15).  These are supposed to allow integration and "cloud" integration.   I've gotten the endpoint configured within vRA (actually vRO), and when I try to create network profile using networks within Infoblox, nothing is returned.


I signed into the infoblox appliance as admin / infoblox and it appears I don't have perms or something to manage / edit / do stuff in the "cloud" section.   


Does infoblox have any examples / documentation setting this up?

Re: Trying to setup vRA 7.1 and Infoblox integration

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The user guide for the Infoblox IPAM driver for VMware should be useful.

Below is a link to the current plugin version.


The version of Infoblox plugin compatible with vRA and vRO7.1 is 4.0.0. Link below.

The above link would require you to log into the support site.


Documents related to other versions of the plugin are available under the section 'Tech Docs' in the support site. 









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