Update IPAM records - not working

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I did integration between vRA 7.2 and Infoblox IPAM system. All looks / works correctly apart action to update IPAM record after VM provision.

The setting Infoblox.IPAM.enableCustomHostname is set to TRUE. For Infoblox.IPAM.CustomHostname.ConditionalMachineCustomProperty0.Name and Infoblox.IPAM.CustomHostname.ConditionalMachineCustomProperty0.Value values are in line with data visible under VM. The record is created in IPAM.

However vRO workflow to update record with proper hostname – “Update IPAM record” is not started.

What can be wrong, where should I look ?


Thanks !


Re: Update IPAM records - not working

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Hi buddy, even I tried the same for my code line and facing kind of same issue. Did you get any way out yet?



Y. Smith


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